Recent Ecological Surveys on Development Sites

Horndean Biodiversity

Recent Ecological Surveys on Development Sites

The following are ecological survey reports that have become available since the Horndean Biodiversity Action Plan was published.

Site Date Title Issues and Species
Part of Waterlooville MDA Nov 2010 Newlands Environmental statement: Biodiversity Wide range of topics and species. Otters visiting (pages 37 and 77), Dormice, Great Crested Newt (page 53), Kingfisher, Barn Owl.
Chalk Hill Nov 2014 Tree Survey New tree planting opportunities
Chalk Hill Nov 2014 Ecological survey report Focus on Bats, Dormice, and reptiles. At least 5 species of Bat recorded and possibility of Bechstien
Chalk Hill Dec 2013 Phase 1 habitat and protected species scoping survey.
Days Lane. Installation of photovoltaic panels. Sep 2012 Ecological Appraisal Focus was on opportunities. Little of special note found.
Woodcroft Farm Jul 2013 Arboricultural Implications Assessment and Method Statement 210 trees, groups and hedges surveyed
Woodcroft Farm Oct 2015 Ecology Appraisal Focus was mainly on opportunities.
Woodcroft Farm Oct 2013 Senior Ecologists Appraisal
East Horndean Ch6 Ecology Environment statement Vol 1 12 species of Bats including Bechstein’s; Dormice; 3 red data book insect species and 6 nationally scarce species.
Also opportunities for enhancement.
East Horndean Oct 2014 Bat survey report Detailed reports
East Horndean Oct 2014 Phase 1 habitat survey Detailed reports
East Horndean Oct 2014 Reptile presence/likely absence report 78 recordings of slowworm, adder, grass snake, common lizard within 2km of site. All these species found on site
East Horndean Oct 2014 Breeding Bird Report 6 red list and 7 amber list species recorded.
East Horndean Oct 2014 Arboriculture development statement

Mike Ashton
8th February 2016

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